Welcome to Curtin University's Physiotherapy Clinical Allocation Program


The following people may be able to assist with your enquiries:

Student Absences/ General Enquiries re Massage Visits, Clinical Visits, Clinical Placements / Mandatory Requirements :

Judy Campbell 9266-4659; Marg Coleman 9266-9284 or email physioclinicalprogram@curtin.edu.au

Y3, Y4, GEM 5, GEM6 and GEM 6F Clinical Placements /Y4 Year Coordinator:

Heidi Welch - H.Welch@curtin.edu.au 9266-1218

Y3 / GEM 6 Clinical Visits/ Rural Program Coodinator:

Ginny Mulvey (Deputy Director of Clinical Education):   G.Mulvey@curtin.edu.au 9266 3409

Director of Clinical Education/SDP Coordinator : 

Alan Reubenson - A.Reubenson@curtin.edu.au 9266-3315  

Y2 /GEM 5 Clinical Visits, PTA Placements, Activity Practicums:

Dave Sainsbury - D.Sainsbury@curtin.edu.au 9266-3648


Please see Blackboard [(Physiotherapy Clinical Programs)]>Mandatory Screening Requirements for Clinical Placements for all information relating to Mandatory Requirements.

2018 Flu vaccinations:  "Mandatory" button will be pushed at the end of May

The following applies to all BSc and GEM Physiotherapy students from Year 2 to GEM6:

Any mandatory requirements expiring at any time during Semester Two 2018 are due to be renewed and submitted prior to the start of Semester Two

The deadline date for uploading is Friday 22nd June 2018.

is required to be refreshed every 12 months.

Hand Hygiene is an annual requirement.  Please upload under "Module 1" on SONIA.

From 14th July 2018, if you have any mandatories outstanding or expiring during Semester Two (with the exception of WWCC) not only will you be unable to access information on SONIA but you will also be ineligible to take part in fieldwork.  If you need to renew any mandatories, allow up to 4 weeks to complete these.  This is the DEADLINE DATE, not the date on which they are required to be uploaded.