Welcome to Curtin University's Physiotherapy Clinical Allocation Program


The following people may be able to assist with your enquiries:

Student Absences/ General Enquiries re Massage Visits, Clinical Visits, Clinical Placements / Mandatory Requirements :

Judy Campbell 9266-4659; Marg Coleman 9266-9284 or email physioclinicalprogram@curtin.edu.au

Y3, Y4, GEM 5, GEM6 and GEM 6F Clinical Placements /Y4 Year Coordinator:

Heidi Welch - H.Welch@curtin.edu.au 9266-1218

Y3 / GEM 6 Clinical Visits/ Rural Program Coodinator:

Ginny Mulvey (Deputy Director of Clinical Education):   G.Mulvey@curtin.edu.au 9266 3409

Director of Clinical Education/SDP Coordinator : 

Alan Reubenson - A.Reubenson@curtin.edu.au 9266-3315  

Y2 /GEM 5 Clinical Visits, PTA Placements, Activity Practicums:

Dave Sainsbury - D.Sainsbury@curtin.edu.au 9266-3648


Please see Blackboard [(Physiotherapy Clinical Programs)]>Mandatory Screening Requirements for Clinical Placements for all information relating to Mandatory Requirements.

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure all mandatory requirements are kept current. Failure to renew mandatory requirements will result in your inability to be allocated a clinical visit or placement, and may result in prolonging the course.

  • If your qualifications have expired, or are not valid for the entire semester for which you are enrolled, you are not eligible for allocation to fieldwork until these have been renewed.The only exception is the Working With Children Card. If you are renewing a current card, you can update your WWCC online. You should submit 3 months ahead - and no less than one month ahead - of expiry. For new applications, you need to obtain a form from the Post Office. Please see the example on Blackboard for how to complete sections 5 and 6. You cannot apply until you have turned 18.
  • Any mandatory requirements expiring in Semester Two (with the exception of WWCC as mentioned) should be renewed prior to the end of Semester One (22nd June 2018)