Welcome to the Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Program!


Every Occupational Therapist remembers their student fieldwork experiences. Many of our fondest memories of being an Occupational Therapy student are derived from our fieldwork experiences. They are the days that coalesced the theory from lectures and lab into clinical practice.


These formative fieldwork experiences are critical to the path from student to practitioner or clinician.


The Curtin University Occupational Therapy fieldwork program provides students with over 1000 hours of clinical practice to explore and master the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to successfully practice as a graduate Occupational Therapist. By ensuring all students experience fieldwork in a range of services, with a variety of clients, Curtin University's Occupational Therapy fieldwork program enables the breadth of theoretical constructs intrinsic to Occupational Therapy to be transformed into a tangible practice.


We hope you find success and have a lot of fun exploring your chosen career through your fieldwork experiences! 








For fieldwork related issues, please contact:

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