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All Faculty of Health Science's students enrolled in a Clinical Practice unit are required under the Department of Health’s Clinical Practice Agreement to submit proof of the mandatory health and legal clearances:

Please see to the right of the screen documents that may be helpful for you

Criminal Screening

Other Requirements

Immunisation Screening

  • Diphtheria Immunisation
  • Tetanus Immunisation
  • Pertussis Immunisation
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Immunisation
  • Hepatitis B – CC1
  • Hepatitis B – CC2
  • Hepatitis B – CC3
  • Measles Immunisation
  • Mumps Immunisation 
  • Rubella Immunisation
  • Varicella Immunisation
  • MRSA
  • Hepatitis A (Paramedicine only)
  • Influenza Immunisation

Please see our website for more information on health and legal checks:



In regards to manual handling, Curtin University does not hold courses for Manual Handling or Basic Life Support. Below is a list of provider's for Manual Handling and Basic Life Support, we highly recommend InteliLearn http://www.studentsafe.com.au/.


Accredited Agencies for Manual Handling and Basic Life Support

We do not accept certificates obtained through online courses or workplace courses.



Not Accepted

Manual handling


Scope Training

RTS Training

Allen’s Training

Medical Hand

ATA Training
Health Ageing Training Services

Healthcare Australia

Flex Training Service

Sureline Training



Basic Life Support


Scope Training

Medical Hand

Flex Training Service

St John Ambulance

Allen’s Training

Healthcare Australia

Bestwest Care




If you are applying for a new card, please come to reception area 405.325 and dial the clinical placement officer for your unit who will present you with a pre-signed form. Please ensure you have your student I.D present.


If you’re renewing your WWC please see below the details you’ll need to enter when renewing online via the following link:


13. A ward of a public or private hospital in which children are ordinary patients

Applicants Title:

Student Nurse

Name of clinical officer:          

Courtney MacKenzie


Clinical Placement Officer

Education Provider:

Curtin University

School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine




08 9266 9251

Postal Address:


GPO Box U1987

Perth WA 6845

Please submit all health and legal checks via Email: Clinical Placement Office

File Name Format: [Student Name] [Student I.D] [Document Name] i.e: Jane Doe 1234567 Manual Handling

Missed hours: 

If you miss hours due to illness or public holiday, it is your responsibility to discuss with the site makeup time hours during your placement dates. This could be extending your hours during the week or on the weekend. If the site cannot support the makeup hours, then you will need to let your unit coordinator and the clinical office know. We will make a note of the missed hours and you will make up these hours at a later stage during your course.